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Upcoming conferences:

Aug 6, 2019 DevOpsDay Minneapolis

Aug 25, 2019 VMWorld – Moscone, San Francisco

Oct 22, 2019 DevOpsDay Philadelphia

Dec 2, 2019 AWS re:Invent, Las Vegas

Dec 9, 2019 Gartner IT infrastructure, Las Vegas

You didn’t imagine it, you heard or saw me at:

Jun 24, 2019 QCon New York

Jun 9, 2019 Cisco Live 2019, San Diego

“AIOPs: The Life Preserver for ITOps – PSOGEN-1014” Let’s face it – coping with network event storms, guessing warning threshold settings for infrastructure, and using command line skills for 2am root cause analysis is inefficient and soul-crushing. Multi-cloud and hyperconverged infrastructures generate too many metrics for humans to comprehend, and ITOps needs augmentation from AI/ML just to survive. Enterprises are urgently seeking AIOps to automate infrastructure drudgery. Guest speaker Jesse Haraldson will share his Thomson Reuters experiences using Cisco’s AppDynamics. This session also describes Cisco’s vision for AppDynamics as the Central Nervous System for the enterprise. (SLIDES)
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“Prove It’s NOT the Network: An Introduction to AppDynamics – DEVNET-1237” In today’s world, your applications are your business. For networking and infrastructure teams, keeping up with the application landscape in the multi-cloud world is more challenging than ever before. This session provides an overview of how AppDynamics can help you: Detect and remediate issues before they impact customers; Understand how network policies and infrastructure configurations impact the applications running on them; Ensure application availability and performance across public, private and hybrid cloud environment. (SLIDES)
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“What Network Architects Need to Know About the Evolving Software Lifecycle (SDLC) – PSOGEN-1013” As our applications transform to cloud-native-first architectures, policy replaces configuration files to define infrastructure at all layers; networking, compute, storage, and of course application. Developers now have almost unlimited choices in how to solve their architecture, agility and scale challenges using the software defined infrastructure that powers our cloud-native world. Prescriptive topologies for networks are too rigid to support the needed agile iterations of today’s application. The software development lifecycle (SDLC) evolved to support multiple iterations for innovation and has some lessons for all of us. This session describes SDLC evolutions to help network and infrastructure experts as they strive to connect business value to applications and infrastructure while constructing the networks for tomorrow. (SLIDES)
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May 22, 2019 Gluecon Denver

May 14, 2019 DevOpsDay Salt Lake City

May 5, 2019 ServiceNow

Apr 15, 2019 QCon AI

Apr 9, 2019 Atlassian Summit 2019

Apr 8, 2019 NAB

Feb 5, 2019 Premier Group, New York

AIOps – How We Will Survive DevOps

Jan 21, 2019 OOP Munich

“AIOps and DevOps as Perfect Partners”

Nov 25, 2018 AWS re:Invent, Las Vegas (Slides)

“DevOps & AI: Cue the Robot Underlords” This session breaks out why AI will work even better for DevOps than for cat photo recognition, and shares the strategy for preparing development and operations for machine learning and predictive models.AI/ML/DL promises to transform operations in the way time-based baselining solved the threshold problem. AI is only as smart as the combination of data that gets fed into the learning process. Features too similar and classifications too broad add no value. AppD is at the forefront again by collecting and correlating the metrics that matter at the time that they matter.DevOps will never be the same.

Nov 12, 2018 DXWorldEXPO, New York (Slides)

Getting the Skills Right for Competitive Digital TransformationIs your enterprise growing the right skills to fight the digital transformation (DX) battles? With 69% of enterprises describing the DX skill drought as being soft skills, rather than technology skills, are you ready to survive against disrupters? The next wave of business disruption is already crashing on your enterprise as AI, Blockchain and IoT change the nature and location of business. Now is the time to prepare. Drawing on experiences with large and midsize enterprises, Marco Coulter tabulates the skills needed to survive DX while innovating at scale. He will start with a focus on the ‘lingua franca’ or common language between business and technology needed for today’s digitally savvy or agile enterprise.

Oct 30, 2018 Bloomberg CIO Exchange, New York

Oct 23, 2018 DevOpsDay Philadelphia


Aug 12, 2015 Flash Memory Summit, Santa Clara

Customer Insight on Flash in the Data Center



Apr 22, 2014 SNIA Data Storage Innovation, Santa Clara

The new flash architecture … wait … there’s a new one already?