Jun 9, 2019 Cisco Live 2019, San Diego

AIOPs – the Life Preserver for ITOps – PSOGEN-1014

Let’s face it – coping with network event storms, guessing warning threshold settings for infrastructure, and using command line skills for 2am root cause analysis is inefficient and soul-crushing. Multi-cloud and hyperconverged infrastructures generate too many metrics for humans to comprehend, and ITOps needs augmentation from AI/ML just to survive. Enterprises are urgently seeking AIOps to automate infrastructure drudgery. This session gives use cases and describe Cisco’s vision for AppDynamics as the Central Nervous System for the enterprise.

Prove It’s NOT the Network: An Introduction to AppDynamics – DEVNET-1237

In today’s world, your applications are your business. For networking and infrastructure teams, keeping up with the application landscape in the multi-cloud world is more challenging than ever before. This session provides an overview of how AppDynamics can help you: Detect and remediate issues before they impact customers; Understand how network policies and infrastructure configurations impact the applications running on them; Ensure application availability and performance across public, private and hybrid cloud environments.


Apr 25, 2019 TechGig.com Webinar

“AIOps as the Co-Pilot to DevOps”

Survive the fog of system development! Developers’ lives have gotten more complex in the last decade. There is too much to learn and understand now, and you need a co-pilot. Let AIOps be that co-pilot.

Key points of discussion: Levelset for Machine Learning (ML) today; Flying planes vs DevOps; Defining AIOps; AI/ML making DevOps survivable; A guide for assessing where to automate. (Co-presented with Ravi Lachhman)

Apr 4, 2019 DevOps.com Webinar

“AIOps: Your DevOps Co-Pilot”

(Co-presented with Ravi Lachhman.) 

Feb 5, 2019 Premier Group, New York

20190205 Premier Group Photo 2“AIOps – How We Will Survive DevOps”

DevOps sees development embrace the world of operations. Marco Coulter’s own move from operations to leading development teams across four countries brought a realization. Guessing threshold settings, coping with event storms, and using command line skills for root cause analysis at 2am was inefficient and soul-crushing.



Jan 21, 2019 OOP, Munich

OOP 2019 Marco Presenting“AIOps and DevOps as Perfect Partners”

This session uses my experiences (and a quick overview of machine learning) to frame why leading enterprises are urgently seeking AIOps to automate drudgery and allow DevOps to evolve ’T’-shaped skills.

Dec 18, 2018 Cloud Unfiltered Podcast

EV Team at LunchHarnessing the Power of Application Performance Management, with AppDynamics

Today we speak with Kyle Tyacke, Ravi Lachhman, and Marco Coulter of the AppDynamics team. They explain why APM tools are important, and why AppD is uniquely equipped to help you identify problems within your applications and resolve them quickly.

Nov 25, 2018 AWS re:Invent, Las Vegas

AWS reinvent 2018 - Marco Presenting 2DevOps & AI: Cue the Robot Underlords

DevOps will never be the same. This session breaks out why AI will work even better for DevOps than for cat photo recognition, and shares the strategy for preparing development and operations for machine learning and predictive models. 

Nov 12, 2018 DXWorldEXPO, New York

(c) 2018 Steven MengesGetting the Skills Right for Competitive Digital Transformation

Drawing on experiences with large and midsize enterprises, Marco Coulter tabulates the skills needed to survive DX while innovating at scale, with a focus on the ‘lingua franca’ or common language between business and technology needed for today’s digitally savvy or agile enterprise.