Expert, concierge-style tech support.

Fast. Simple. At your door.

Our services

  • Computer set up and OS installation
  • Eliminating viruses and malware
  • Data backups and transfers across devices
  • Troubleshooting
  • Networking including optimizing wireless network setup for large or many-roomed residences
  • Printer issues
  • Reinstalling Windows or MacOS
  • Upgrading to Windows 11 or latest MacOS
  • Computer not starting up properly or at all
  • Tutoring in general computer use or specific applications

Why Choose Us

We’re “on-call”

We are one of the few NYC tech support specialists that provide concierge-style help. We encourage our clients to call or text us at any time with questions you have as they come up, and we will do our best to provide rapid on-the-fly help with tech issues or questions as they arise — typically at no charge!

100% Guaranteed

We stand behind our work. If we don’t provide a solution to your computer or phone problem1, you won’t be charged. Simple as that.


We have solved 100’s of clients’ computer issues, across Mac, PC and mobile device platforms. Our extensive knowledge-base lets us quickly get at the root of almost any software related problem you can throw at us, explain it in simple english, and get it fixed.


Toren Grynbaum is Tech Whisperer NYC’s founder. He is a full time computer tech with 3 years experience fixing a wide range of computer issues, setting up hardware and helping people feel more comfortable with the devices and software they use. 

Toren is a graduate of Cornell University’s Engineering School and has deep knowledge of both PC + Mac systems and software acquired over a 20 year career in both technology startups and tutoring. 

Previously, Toren was a physics and test-prep tutor. Prior to that, Toren founded and worked at several ad tech and media start ups.

He has extensive expertise in both resolving technically complex problems, as well as explaining computer concepts to novice tech users and helping them get to where they need to be.

Tech Whisperer NYC prides itself on being available via phone for any questions and issues that can be fixed outside of an appointment.  

Rates and details

RatesAt home visits: $130/hour. 1 hour minimum.
Office IT Consulting: $190/hour.
Solution guaranteeFor any issue that we are unable to resolve (but that is fixable), there will be no charge.
  1. It must be possible for the issue in question to be resolved without the need for hardware related service for this guarantee to apply. ↩︎
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